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Face to face : in een paar puntjes – hieronder vind je de gehele tekst :

- Wie is je “alledaagse held” – “everyday hero” ?
- Maak een foto van hem/haar/… op een neutrale achtergrond

- update – na een mailtje van Nadja : – grootte van de afbeeldingen – zo groot als je mailprogramma aankan …
zo’n kleine 5 MB moet volstaan !
(mailtje – zie helemaal onderaan !)

- stuur die foto door naar volgende mailadressen :


- vermeld in je mail : je naam + stedelijke academie voor schone kunsten – deeltijds kunstonderwijs – brugge – belgië

- en nu afwachten wat je 4 weken later terugkrijgt …



Dear Arts4all-colleagues,

I hope you are fine! Time ran out very fast since our last arts4all-meeting in Tallinn!
At that time, we told you about the photography project “face to face”!
Know we found the possibility to realize a small workshop in the context of a current face-to-face-exhibition in Dortmund (Germany).

And we want to invite young people from your member institutions (Youth Art Schools) to participate via Internet in this workshop!

Please help us and send the text below (attachment) to interested young people!
I’m very sorry that I’m so late with this Email!

We need the photos before the 14th of October.
Please let us know whether you are interested (as soon as possible): nadja.hoell@lkd-nrw.de

Thanks a lot for your help!!

Best whishes from Germany, also from Mechthild Eickhoff and Peter Kamp

Nadja Höll

LKD – LAG Kulturpäd. Dienste/Jugendkunstschulen NRW
Kurpark 5, 59425 Unna
Tel. 0049 (0) 23 03 / 25 302 -12, Fax 0 23 03 / 25 302 25
Hero on stage

We want to invite young people from different European countries (Arts4all network) to participate via Internet in our photography project “face to face”*.

Who is your “everyday hero”? Send us a picture of your “hero” (in front of a neutral background). And then get ready for a big surprise!

Young photographers in Germany will work with the portrait of your “hero”. They will ask themselves what makes your person an everyday hero.

What are their talents, what makes them special?

4 weeks later you’ll get your photo back, but in a completely new way. Afterwards please give us your feedback.
Did the young photographers from Germany completely change the personality of your hero? Or did they hit the bull’s-eye?

Finally your photo (redesigned by the German workshop participants) will be presented in the face to face-exhibition at the U tower of Dortmund (a well-known and brand new museum: www.dortmunder-u.de/en).

Please let us know whether you are interested (as soon as possible): nadja.hoell@lkd-nrw.de

Please send your photo before the 14th of October via Email to the following to addresses:


Contact us: Nadja Höll              0049 (0)2303 – 25 30 2 12

* face to face:
The exhibition- and cooperation project of 8 youth-art-schools in the Ruhr area (North Rhine Westphalia) includes 450 children and youngsters, 14 photographers and instructors and more than 500 portrayed people from the Ruhr Metropolis. The collection of the pictures produced in the last three years shows the complexity of the Ruhr Metropolis – through the eyes of six- to 26 year old people. The diversity of the picture language and the intensity of the texts underline the high standard of the involved artists. http://www.lkd-nrw.de/lkd/facetoface-galerie.html




….. We already received two pictures from Belgium. Thanks a lot!
We didn’t want to define a certain age in advance.
Certain is, that the target group are youngsters no children.
The age we expected is between 14 until more or less 20. But we have also a Finnish photo group between 12 and 14 years old.
Concerning the size of the pictures, our workshop leader told me the higher the better.
Herzliche Grüße,


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